No. 1 - Year 14 - 12/2023
Literary Translation

A Dry Place

DOI: 10.15291/sic/


the family hair
spills over lunch
after we’ve become
weak and thin

my hair ends up in the plate
and pretends to be drowning
I silence it
with shyness behind my ear

the teeth are the answer
to the childish carelessness
when I splash water on the hair
bound around my waist
barely pulling out my hands
I offer them the remaining drops

with a firm poke
and the hair between their fingers
they crush the streets on the map
joking I’ll surely get lost in the city
as they clutch the hair

I laugh and unravel myself
from the kitchen
through the hall
and down the staircase

never dye your hair
I won’t.

the self

I was the tallest woman on trams
that are now time capsules
buried in my mother’s garden
the words that straighten up the body
grown out of a child’s blackness

after her mom died
she pulled out all the furniture
cut down the pine in the backyard
and buried all the familiar shapes
and postwar photos
in an apartment with fine edges
high up and far away
from her first words

the carved bedpost
above her head
fits a whole family at odds
each member in their own slit
going stone-gray

I cant take the tram anymore,
but still no one is taller than me
says stroking the relief
of the family tree
and pressing the fallen leaves
into my fist


our fingernails imprint apostrophes
into the plastic tablecloth

everyone says that it’s not a word
yet something more
stuck to the back side
but the family can’t read
so it connects us with thick tendrils

if we touch each other
for a moment we know
how to separate the words correctly

Note About Contributor(s)

Vida Sever

Vida Sever is a contemporary Croatian poet born in Varaždin in 2001. Her work has been included in anthologies such as Trinaesti, P(o)ezitiva, and Goranovo proljeće, as well as featured in prominent Croatian literary journals such as Tema, Poezija, and Kolo. In 2021, Vida Sever won the Goran for Young Poets award for her manuscript titled Suho mjesto (A Dry Place) – a debut collection of 39 poems divided into five distinct cycles or chapters. As part of the promotion of the collection, Vida has participated in literary events and festivals such as Poezija u dvorištu (Poetry in the Backyard), Stih u regiji (Verse in the Region), and KaLibar BestiVal.

Anja Glavinić

Anja Glavinić is currently a student of literary translation at the University of Zadar, Croatia. Her translations have appeared in [sic] – a Journal of Literature, Culture and Literary Translation, Five Points, and Tema. Glavinić has participated in an international translation project organized by the European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS), which resulted in the Croatian translation of Anne Enright’s short story “Time.” Anja is one of the organizers of the Zadar-based literary festival LITaf, whose inaugural edition in 2023 brought together twenty renowned Croatian prose writers, poets, and translators.