No. 1 - Year 14 - 12/2023

Note About Contributor(s)

Vida Sever

Vida Sever is a contemporary Croatian poet born in Varaždin in 2001. Her work has been included in anthologies such as Trinaesti, P(o)ezitiva, and Goranovo proljeće, as well as featured in prominent Croatian literary journals such as Tema, Poezija, and Kolo. In 2021, Vida Sever won the Goran for Young Poets award for her manuscript titled Suho mjesto (A Dry Place) – a debut collection of 39 poems divided into five distinct cycles or chapters. As part of the promotion of the collection, Vida has participated in literary events and festivals such as Poezija u dvorištu (Poetry in the Backyard), Stih u regiji (Verse in the Region), and KaLibar BestiVal.