No. 3 - Year 10 - 06/2020


The new issue of [sic] is upon us. And it is special, not only because it was done under strange circumstances of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns, hand sanitizers and distancing, physical, and also, oddly, social… this issue is special because, just like all of us, it wears a mask, a mask that is not only meant to protects us and all those around us – and not allow us to let go, to forget what is important and what is it we set to do – but that also hides an important date in the lives of all of us at [sic] – our 10th anniversary.

An experiment in online publishing – and observed by many of our (non)academic peers as an aberration in a community where print-based publishing was still the absolute norm – [sic] did not have an easy start. Struggling with various technical issues due to absence of a pre-existing publishing platform, our virtual, online presence was a slow build, learning and improving as things got discovered, problems addressed and solved. Along technical aspects, [sic] fought to get a foothold within the vast ocean of humanities-oriented publishing industry. And [sic] won the battle. Surrounded by professional academic journals whose tradition and economic background allowed for a somewhat carefree publishing practice, [sic] found itself in an underdog position, whose only chance of success was the tenacity and stubbornness of its editors – and tenacious and stubborn they have been and, luckily, still are.

Ten years later we at [sic] are making another step forward by introducing a new design that came out of our experiences from the previous decade, reinforcing our status of a now acknowledged member of the national and international publishing, academic and artistic community, recognized by its readership as well as various institutions dedicated to the evaluation and categorization of similar publications. [sic] is, so to say, putting on a new mask, more lavish, more extravagant, more fitting for a 10-year-old.

We thought of celebrating, but the masks would get in the way. So, we embraced them and opted for a two-fold masked celebration. The first is the issue in front of you. Danijela Lugarić Vukas, Ljubica Matek, Zvonimir Prtenjača, Marija Krivokapić, Sanja Runtić, Smiljana Narančić Kovač, Katarina Aladrović Slovaček, Nikolai Wansart, and Angelika Peljak share their research and their thoughts through a myriad of topics and analyses. The issue also includes a thematic subsection of texts, edited by Danijela Lugarić Vukas, dedicated to the complex relationship between Russia and the West as seen by Russian authors. And here is yet another selection of thought-provoking literary translations done by the Mali Pašman Poetry Workshop, Marina Veverec and Blaž Martić, Luka Huzjak, Višnja Grabovac, and Maja Zidarević, bringing poetry, short fiction and spiritual writings by Rikardo Arregi Diaz de Heredia, Genevieve Hudson, Janko Jesenský, Gautama Buddha, and Ken Liu.

The second celebration will take on a more physical form, an addition to the mask, a snorkel of sorts, to catch some celebratory breath, in the form of a selection of academic papers and translations published in [sic] during these past ten years that will allow us to reclaim our paper-based roots, to satisfy our Eros towards the physicality of printed text. This limited edition will come out in the fall, or when the situation allows it, because we want to throw a party, shake hands, pop champagne, cheer all the past, present and future contributors and editors of [sic], hug and embrace (the new normal), munch hors d’oeuvres, and, to extend our metaphor to the point of breaking – and that’s what [sic] has always done: broke metaphors, boundaries, limitations… – we do not want the masks to get in our way.

Until then, stay safe, wear a mask, and enjoy our new issue.