No. 1 - Year 13 - 12/2022

Note About Contributor(s)

Želimir Periš

Želimir Periš was born in 1975 in Zadar and has a degree in computer engineering. With OtPis – Creative Writing Workshops and ZaPis – an Association of Zadar Writers, he organized many literary programs, including Kalibar Bestival. He developed a board game called Strašne žene (Fierce Women). His publications include a collection of poems X, stories collections Mučenice (Martyrs) and Žuti bok (The Yellow God), picture books Straška postavlja teška pitanja (Straška Asks Difficult Questions) and Straška izvrće neistine (Straška Twists the Untruths), and novels Mima i kvadratura kruga (Mima and the Square Footage of a Circle), Mima i vaše kćeri (Mima and Your Daughters) and Mladenka Kostonoga (Bony-Legged Bride). His stories received many awards and were adapted into theatre performances, and he won the 2021 T-Portal Award for the best Croatian novel for Mladenka Kostonoga.