No. 1 - Year 11 - 12/2020

Note About Contributor(s)

Sandra Singer, University of Guelph, Canada


Sandra Singer PhD Cambridge. Co-editor of Doris Lessing Studies. Recently she published a co-edited collection of essays Doris Lessing: Interrogating the Times (Ohio State UP, 2010) and an entry on Ethnographic Memoir in Sage Encyclopedia of Case Study Research (2010); and has articles forthcoming in Canadian Ethnic Studies ("Acting Out Justice in ‘Courtroom Dramas,'") and Journal of the Short Story in English ("Focused on Relationships in London Observed"). At a November 2010 graduate student conference-Futurist Theory: Fear, Horror, and Terror(ism)-she presented a keynote talk connecting Freud's concept of the uncanny to Spielberg's film oeuvre and Ian McEwan's Saturday. Her manuscript Intersections of Terror, Trauma and Terrorism in Recent Literature is currently under review. She is associate professor in the School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph, Canada.