No. 2 - Year 13 - 06/2023

Note About Contributor(s)

Brontë Schiltz, independent researcher, UK


Brontë Schiltz recently graduated from the Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University with an MA in English Studies. Her research interests include the queer Gothic, the digital Gothic, the neoliberal Gothic, and penny dreadfuls. Her work has appeared in the SFRA Review, Fantastika Journal, The Sibyl, Aeternum Journal, and Vision, Contestation and Deception: Interrogating Gender and the Supernatural in Victorian Shorter Fiction, edited by Oindrila Ghosh, and she has work forthcoming in Revenant Journal, Penny Dreadfuls and the Gothic, edited by Nicole Dittmer and Sophie Raine, and Screening Queer Horror, edited by Linnie Blake and Heather Petrocelli. She has also presented her research on two podcasts, Victorian Legacies and The Ghost Story Book Club, as well as gave two lectures for educational web series Romancing the Gothic.