No. 2 - Year 11 - 06/2021

Note About Contributor(s)

V.B.Z. Translation Workshop

V.B.Z. Translation Workshop brought together Sara Dukić, Anja Glavinić, Marta Huber, Ena Jurakić, Jelena Jušćak, Blaž Martić, Ana Milinović, Krešimira Polegubić, Lucija Radin-Mačukat, and Marina Veverec. They are among the first generations of students enrolled in the Literary Translation Module at the University of Zadar. Between them, they have translated individual short stories by Jan Carson, Gabriela Garcia, Genevieve Hudson, and a selection of poems by Raymond Antrobus, Louise Glück, Neil Hilborn, Richard Siken, Naomi Shihab Nye, Warsan Shire, Maggie Smith, Tracy K. Smith, which appeared in [sic] – a Journal of Literature, Culture and Literary Translation and Tema. Into English they have translated the works by Ivan Jozić, Dino Pešut, and Monika Herceg, which have appeared or are forthcoming in Your Impossible Voice, Denver Quarterly, Exchanges, Poetry International Web, Asymptote, and Harvard Review. They have participated in the translation of the anthology Europa28: Women on the Future of Europe – a mutual project between Festival of the European Short Story and Hay Festival – and Poetic Postcard featuring translations of Zadar-based poets into five languages.