No. 1 - Year 11 - 12/2020

Note About Contributor(s)

Ariana Harwicz

Ariana Harwicz, born in 1977 in Buenos Aires, has been living in the countryside of France since 2007. Compared to Nathalie Sarraute and Virginia Woolf, she is one of the most radical figures in contemporary Argentinian literature. Her prose is characterized by violence, eroticism, irony, and direct criticism of the clichés surrounding the notions of family and conventional relationships. Her first novel, Die, My Love, published in English in 2017, was shortlisted for the Republic of Consciousness Prize 2018, nominated for the First Book Award at the EIBF 2017, longlisted for the Man Booker International 2018, and shortlisted for the Best Translated Book Award 2020. She wrote three novels in “an involuntary trilogy” exploring the topic of motherhood: Die, My Love, Feebleminded, and Precocious. Her fourth novel, Degenerate, was published by Anagrama. Her novels have been adapted to theatre and translated into fifteen languages such as English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, Romanian, Greek, and Croatian. Her stories appeared in Granta, Letras Libres, Babelia, The White Review, The Guardian, Quimera, and in various anthologies in Argentina and Israel.