No. 1 - Year 14 - 12/2023

Note About Contributor(s)

Marija Krivokapić, University of Montenegro, Montenegro


Marija Krivokapić teaches English literature at the University of Montenegro. Her primary research and teaching specialization is in Victorian and twentieth-century British literature. Her other particular interest has been with contemporary Native American literature and travel writing. Her publications include: Images of Montenegro in Anglo-American Creative Fiction and Film, co-authored with N. Diamond (Cambridge Scholars, 2016), Contemporary Native American Literature, co-authored with S. Runtić (Osijek, 2013), Essays in Contemporary Anglo-American Literature (Nikšić, 2011), Essays in Contemporary Native American Literature: Towards the End of Indian History (Nikšić, 2012), Quest for Transcendence in D. H. Lawrence's Fiction (Nikšić, 2010), D. H. Lawrence in Italy (Belgrade, 2000). She has edited and co-edited a dozen of books, published research papers worldwide, published numerous literary translations, and is also a published poet.