No. 1 - Year 14 - 12/2023

Note About Contributor(s)

Mary Dellenbaugh, Humboldt University, Germany


Mary Dellenbaugh is an urban process researcher with concentration in shrinking and post-socialist cities. She is currently completing her doctorate in geography at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, where she is writing the dissertation “Urban development paradigms in post-reunification East Berlin, a grounded theory approach (working title)”. After graduating with a BSc with honors from the University of New Hampshire in 2006, Mary relocated to Germany to complete a Masters in Landscape Architecture at Hochschule Anhalt funded by a Germany Academic Exchange (DAAD) scholarship. She currently specializes in post-socialist urban dynamics, European real estate markets and the relationship between space, place and power. Ms. Dellenbaugh anticipates completion of her doctorate in fall 2013.