No. 1 - Year 14 - 12/2023

Note About Contributor(s)

Mario Vrbančić, University of Zadar, Croatia


Mario Vrbančić works in the Department of English at the University of Zadar and holds a PhD from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He has worked in Croatia, New Zealand, Ukraine, and Australia. He has written two books (The Lacanian Thing, Postmodern Culture, Psychoanalysis and Cinema – Cambria Press & Hitchcockian Gaze – Jesenski i Turk) and a number of academic articles on postmodern literature and culture, and his work has been published in various journals, including Performance Research, Comparative Literature and Culture, and New Literary History. As an artist he has written several radio and theatrical plays and since 2010 he has been involved as director and writer in many independent film projects, including: feature documentary Kupica (2010), short fiction The Referee’s Dream (2011), short fiction My Little Time Machine (2011), short fiction The Man and the Smile (2012), feature fiction Tail Job (2015), feature fiction Manhattan Odyssey (2020).