The Anatomy of Love

No. 2 - Year 7 - 06/2017


Mario Županović, University of Zadar, Croatia

Mario Županović  was born in 1981 in Split and earned his M.A. in History of Arts and History in 2008. He earned his PhD in film studies in 2015. He currently works at the Department of Iberoromance Studies at the University of Zadar as a postdoctoral researcher and teaches courses in Latin American cinema, Hispanic cultural studies and performance art. His publications focus on Latin American film, identities and cinema (“Blurring the Other in Memories of Underdevelopment and Pixote,” 2015; “Politics of Memory: a Study in Latin American Revolutionary Cinema,” 2013), among others. He authored or directed theatre/performance pieces PAT-A (2005), Konstantin (2006), The Man and His Machine (2007), and Symposium/Disintegration (2010).

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