Feminist Resistance

Broj 1 - Godina 10 - 12/2019


Ana Kedveš, University of Warwick, United Kingdom


Ana Kedveš Born in 1988 in Osijek. Having obtained a master’s degree in English Philology and Pedagogy at the University of Osijek, she enrolled in the postgraduate advanced master program in European Studies. She specialised at Karl-Franzens University summer programs in Graz and has been working as a special education English teacher and pedagogy intern, as well as volunteering in Deaf-blind Association UGSO, and working on the projects “Regional Youth Info-Centre Osijek” by PRONI Centre for Social Education and “ITdesk.info” by Open Society for Idea Exchange ODRAZI. Her scientific interests include pragmatics, sociolinguistics, cultural and European studies, and she plans to enrol in a Ph.D. program in linguistics.

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