Feminist Resistance

Broj 1 - Godina 10 - 12/2019


Andrea Pisac, Goldsmiths College, United Kingdom


Andrea Pisac received her PhD in anthropology from Goldsmiths College, University of London. Her doctoral thesis Trusted Tales: creating authenticity in literary representations from ex-Yugoslavia' (2010) looked at how authority and authenticity are expressed, constructed and appropriated within the literary production on the UK book market. She worked at the writers' association English PEN where she promoted foreign fiction in the UK. The experience of campaigning informed her research inasmuch as it posed questions into how ‘free speech' is negotiated on the ‘free market' and which stories, as a result of entrepreneurial efforts of translators, writers and publishers get to be translated and trusted. ?Literature has been a subject of her research as much as a point for self-reflection by referring to the literariness of academic genres, such as ethnography, and the social embeddedness of authorship. As a fiction writer, Pisac published two collections of short stories in Croatian: Absence (2001) and Until Death Do Us Part or I Kill You First (2007). She is currently working at Goldsmiths College as a research fellow.

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