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Broj 2 - Godina 9 - 06/2019


Krešimir Vuković, Catholic University of Croatia, Croatia


Krešimir Vuković obtained his doctorate in Classics at the University of Oxford with a thesis on the Roman foundation myth and the festival of the Lupercalia. He was a lecturer at Oxford for several years and started a postdoctoral research project on the river Tiber as Fellow of the British School at Rome. He is most passionate about Greek and Roman mythology which he has been researching and teaching for many years. He has published widely on these topics in scholarly journals across the world and is writing a book on the Lupercalia and the Roman foundation myth for Walter de Gruyter. He organized several conferences and workshops in the UK, Italy, and Croatia, where he now teaches at the Catholic University in Zagreb. He acted as a consultant on a number of research projects and for the Time magazine.

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