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Broj 2 - Godina 10 - 04/2020


Kristine Ong Muslim

Kristine Ong Muslim is the author of eight books of fiction and poetry, most recently the short story collections Age of Blight (Unnamed Press, 2016), one of the best books of 2016 according to the Chicago Review of Books, and Butterfly Dream (Snuggly Books, 2016), as well as the poetry collections Meditations of a Beast (Cornerstone Press, 2016) and Black Arcadia (University of the Philippines Press, 2017). She serves as poetry editor of LONTAR: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction, a literary journal published by Epigram Books in Singapore, and was co-editor with Nalo Hopkinson of the original fiction section of the Lightspeed Magazine special issue, People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction!. Widely anthologized and published in magazines, she grew up and continues to live in southern Philippines.

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