Feminist Resistance

Broj 1 - Godina 10 - 12/2019


Tanja Reiffenrath, University of Paderborn, Germany


Tanja Reiffenrath is a doctoral candidate in American Studies at the University of Paderborn (Germany) where she also teaches undergraduate courses in American literature and culture. Her Ph.D. project, to be completed this winter, analyzes illness and disability memoirs in contact and in conflict with contemporary scientific, philosophical, and cultural discourses on disease and health. She has published At Borders and Crossroads: Conceptualizing the New Mestiza in Chicana Literature at AVM in 2008 and given papers on a variety of topics, such as Chicano culture, transnationalism, identity politics, and illness narratives. Her study on transnational cinema, titled From Ethnic to Transnational: Screening Indian American Families, is currently being finalized for publication with LIT Verlag.

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