No. 1 - Year 11 - 12/2020

Note About Contributor(s)

Roman Bobryk, Siedlce University of Natural Science and Humanities, Poland


Roman Bobryk is an associate at the Institute of Polonistics and Neophilology, University of Natural Science and Humanities in Siedlce. He has authored three books – Martwa natura: gatunek, motywy, kompozycje (Siedlce 2011), Martwa natura w poezji polskiej XX wieku (Siedlce 2015), Koncept poezji i poety w wierszach Zbigniewa Herberta (Siedlce 2017) – and more than 80 scientific articles. His main interests are 20th century Polish and Russian poetry, mutual connections between literature and painting, analyzing visual art, the poetics of commericals and semiotics of culture. He is a member of the editorial board for journals Slavica Tergestina (Trieste, Italy) and ???????? (Siedlce-Lausanne).